About Me

My simple bio...

안녕하세요,こんにちは,مرحبا,你好,สวัสดี,Hello.. ^^

: I’m Lynda.

: Born on 3rd April 1993.

: My blood type is A.

: I'm a Malaysian.

: My favourite colours are pink and white but the colour I love the most is Pearl Sapphire Blue-the most beautiful and extraordinary colour of all.

: Anime, cartoons are my favourite of all time (although I'm quite old for those).

: I'm a kpop and jpop lover, I love listening to kpop and jpop but that doesn't mean that I don't listen to other genre of music, it's just that I love kpop and jpop more.. hehheheh ^^

: I'm an ELF of Super Junior, don't ask me why I love them,, if you're an ELF, then you'll know.

: I'm a friendly one and you are free to comment or chat with me or even voice out your opinion on my writing..

: I am pleased if you do so than being a silent reader..^^

: My blog is free for everyone to read no matter where they are from, so enjoy reading.. :)

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^