SJ Quote

#### mind my imagination ####

Donghae: I want to touch your lips.
You: Sure.
Donghae: with my lips.

Kyu: Let's play games.
You: Sure.
Kyu: If you win, you can marry me. But if I win, you have to be my wife.

You: I love you oppa.
Sungmin: I'll reply with 4 words.
You: Ermmm,,, "I LOVE YOU TOO"???
Sungmin: No.. It's "MY LIFE IS YOU"..

You: Oppa, if I said I love you, will you smile??
Heechul: If I said I love you too, will you marry me??

Wookie: I'm getting married.
You: Really???? =( With whom???
Wookie: I can't pronounce her name perfectly but I'm definitely sure it is spelled Y-O-U...

You: Oppa, you have the sweetest smile I've ever seen.
Siwon: Well, the smile exist because of you.

You: Oppa, am I number 1 in your heart??
Hangeng: No.
You: Sobb.... :'(
Hangeng: *touches your chin* Coz you are the only one.

Hyuk: See that stars?? You belong there.
You: You also belong there oppa.
Hyuk: No. I belong with you.

You: Oppa, can you sing 'Marry Me' for me???
Yesung: Sure. But you must say 'I Do'.
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