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A Short Journey

A girl group namely Girls' Destiny which consists of Park Bom (Mika), Park Shin Hye (Young Mi) and Jung So Min (Minna) who aimed to be the best in the music industry. Life was wonderful until one day an unfortunate event happened.

Park Bom
Park Shin Hye
Jung So Min
Kim Hee Chul and other Super Junior members as cameo

Love, Sad, Joy, Tragic, Friendship

Don't be Sad when You Have Me

A one-sided love of Sungmin and Eun Hye. It's true that sometimes, we cannot always get what we want in life and at the other time, we take what is in front of us for granted,, until one day God shows us that what we have now is much more valuable than what we wanted.

Lee Sung Min of Super Junior
Yoon Eun Hye of Baby V.O.X
Kim Hee Chul as cameo

Love, Friendship, Heartbreak

A Fairy's Wish

(This is actually a fanfic I dedicated to my best friend for her birthday as she loves Seungri so much)

A stubborn little fairy who wishes to learn music on Earth had met a young talented dancer, Seungri. Eventually, she developed feeling for him. But...

Seungri of BigBang
Beatrice as the fairy
Minzy of 2NE1 (cameo)

Fantasy, Magic, Friendship, Love

Love Melody: Take 1

A guy who loves painting and fall in love with a beautiful girl. Unfortunately...

Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
Seo Hyun (SNSD)
Oomasa Aya
Kitagawa Keiko

Love, Revenge, Hatred, Heartbreak, Goodbye

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