Saturday, 23 July 2011

I miss this person

I miss him.. who?? my lover?? nope! He's more than that... He's the one who gave me the chance of being an ELF... He's Kangin. Have I ever met him?? Hahaha.. No. :) Then, why do I miss him?? I have no idea with that.. ^^ lol....
but if you're a pure Elf, you'll certainly understand...

:: let me just give a simple bio on him::
-his stage name is Kangin (which means strong in Korea)
-his real name is Kim Young Woon
-entered the army since 10th July 2010.
-always be rude with the the younger members but his main purpose on doing that is ensure that Leeteuk won't 'fade' by other members
-He was once said that he'll protect Leeteuk from anything.

The sad story between ELFs and SuJu began when this man entered the army. Before he entered the army, two members, Eunhyuk and Donghae had composed a song for him, "A Short Journey". I bet they cried during composing this song as it did make me cry a lot...

"I'll be back!! This is my family. We are Super Junior!" That's a promise from Kangin.
Finally, the day he entered the army, the army area were crowded with so many ELFs to see Kangin for the last time. At that time, the atmosphere was so touching where each and every ELFs including Super Junior especially Kangin himself cried.

On 23rd May 2010, there was a Super Junior's Fan Meeting. Shockingly, Kangin suddenly appeared during the middle of the fan meet,during "Marry You". The whole crowd was screaming for him,, shouting for his name.

Everyone was crying non-stop including the leader, Leeteuk. He told everyone to wait for him for 2 years and he did a formal bow to his fans. After "Marry You", it was the dance segment. Leeteuk wasn't focus any more! He kept dancing the whole thing wrongly!!! Apart from that, after they performed "Sorry, sorry",, Heechul dissappeared and wasn't on stage. He was at the backstage, badly crying. At first, he was refused to come out until Kangin pulled him out from the backstage.

you just can't resist the strong bond of brotherhood between SuJu's family...

Kangin: "I'm sorry and I'll be back in healthy and well. 13 of us will be on stage in 2 years so please wait without having any affair."

when we are talking about 13, will it really be 13 on stage?? How about Hangeng and Kibum?? Hopefully, there will... ELFs must protect this missing 3 person and keep on loving the remaining 10+2...




ELFs are badly missing these 3 wonderful person... come back and make the perfect 13 again...

"prom15e to stay with them till the very end
13elieve on all their promises and words
10ve the remaining 10 with all your heart
prot3ect the missing 3 members"

always loving you and waiting for the perfect sapphire blue ocean to cover the entire world~


Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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