Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A promise is a promise

I still when I wrote something about Phil and Fair on this blog, one of my best friends, Beatrice got sulk with me and wanted me to write something on her. So here it goes. A promise is a promise! :)

Name :  Beatrice Ann Sophia
Date of Birth :  14th January 1993
Origin :  Malaysia
Position :  Best Friend
Specialty :  Can eat any food in just seconds
Charm :  Funny, Brilliant, Aegyo
Personality :  Talkative, extremely active
Favourite color :  Blue
Fan base :  VIP
Ideal man type :  Iban, have secure financial, tall
Things she wishes to do :  Fly to Korea
Korean artist she would want to date :  Seung Ri (Big Bang)
Korean artist she would want to be :  Kim Nam Joo
Things she value the most :  paper bird gave by her special one
She finds it romantic when :  Having dinner in a luxurious place with seaside scenery
Facebook :  Beatrice Ann Sophia
Twitter :  behet93

So, my dear Beatrice here are some small homemade gifts for you. I really hope you like them. I just wanted you to know, no matter where you are, you'll always be near next to me - in my heart. There is no reason for you to go green with envy with whomever I am with. the fact is, you alone has already fill my entire heart and there is space left no more for anyone to replace you as my best friend for life. :)

I love you, my dear friend! Saranghaeyo, chingu! Yeongwonhi! I wish for nothing to break this precious friendship of ours...~

a) The homemade poem for you

b) The homemade fanfic (download the PDF to read)

c) The homemade song I made (Elfaireneel's original version - original voice XD)


There's nothing that you have to worry in this pretty life
How huge your worry is I'll be by your side
Let's tears be no more seen in those precious eyes of yours
Coz it hurts me more like it did before

You don't have to suffer troubles by your own
As I'm always with you no matter how far our distance is

Smile, let them go remember all the good times we had before
Value them, treasure them
Memories of us
Let them be remedies for pains you face alone all this while
Coz this time, coz right now
I'll share it with you

Everybody may knock you down
But I'll make you stand and face all those clowns
Because we are, because we are
Best Friends~

Sorry for keeping you waiting. I really hope you like these. ^^ Promise me that you'll always be my friend.

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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