Friday, 31 January 2014

I Tripped, Falling For You

Oh! Give me bandage, i tripped, falling for you. lol xD what a pick up line.~
Recently, I'm having a huge crush on Lunafly's leader, Sam Carter. Yes, Sam Carter! In case for those who are not really familiar with this group, it's okay, :) try to get know them now coz they're superb, amazing, damn they're good!

I swear you won't regret to get yourself busy searching a few info on this group. Little advice from me, prepare to fall in love with them. :)

Their songs are a bit different from other KPOP songs. Their harmony is perfect. Sam is my bias, so stay away from him.. lol joking.. ^^ let's share him.. :)

Anyway, try to listen to these few songs. I bet you'll love them..

1. Seeing You or Missing You
2. Clear Day, Cloudy Day
3. How Nice Would It Be

From left: Teo, Sam (leader), Yun (maknae)

Enough with Lunafly's intro, I bet some of you already who they are.
So, Sam Carter... the leader.. God,, I really in love with him.. At first, I don't even know who he is or how does he look like. I accidentally downloaded their song. Then, I fall in love with one of the voices in it. I went on searching the owner of the voice and it turned out to be Sam's. Later on, I started to follow him and without me realizing it, I fall in love with him.

I get to know him better due to his radio show, Super Kpop on Arirang Radio. But now, he's going to quit from the show as Lunafly is now has a very busy schedule. I wish Lunafly all the best in the future.


He's half Korean half British.

He's a great leader who takes a good care of the other Lunafly members.

Damn! He's a hottie!!

A great DJ for Super Kpop at Arirang Radio.

He has angelic voice. I would hang myself to have a voice like his.

His accent is a kill. If I have a British accent, I swear I would never stop talking.

He's a gentle young man.

He's cute on his on way.

A good English teacher (admitted by both Teo and Yun).

Lunafly is different from any other Kpop group and that what makes them unique. For these past half months, I'm really glad I'm a Lukie (Lunafly official fandom). Their musics inspire me a lot.

Sam Carter's official twitter account: Sam Carter
Teo's official twitter account: Teo
Yun's official twitter account: Han Seung Yun

You wouldn't regret being a Lukie. They're friendly to fans and fans adore them. Join me and be a Lukie now :) spread the love.

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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