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  Some of my friends recently asked me "Lynda, I'm in love with that kpop group!! They're awesome!! Ohh,, I'm dead seeing their smile, their voice, their dance!! I love them! But, the problem is, I don't really know them. I'm new with kpop."
  For that reason, I came out with the idea of giving them the list of their favourite kpop band, their official fans club and also the official ballon colour. I really hope that they will find it useful and enjoy reading from me.. ^^

-Super Junior
-EverLasting Friends commonly known as ELF.
-It means that their fans will always be in their heart & will always love them no matter what.
-It also means that their fans are more than fans to them but more like friends.
Pearl Sapphire Blue
-FT Island
-Known as Primadonna.
-Taken from their first album’s song title.
-It also means their fans are the heroines of their lives.

Yellow Flags
-CN Blue
-Known as BOICE.
-It comes from the combination of the words BLUE+VOICE.

-Girls’ Generation (SNSD)
-Known as SNE.
-It represents the relationship between them and their fans as one.
-The pronunciation is “So One”.
Pastel Rose Hart
-Known as SHINee World @ Shawol.
-“SHINee World” is taken from their first album, Shining Land which made up SHINee+World.
-“Shawol” is the shortened version from the combination of the two words.
Pearl Aqua
-Known as Cassiopeia.
-Represents the constellation with 5 main stars which are the members of DBSK.
Pearl Red
-Known as Hottest.
-This is because JYP considers that 2:00 PM as the hottest time of the day.
Metallic Gray
-Known as I am.
-This is due to 2AM+2PM = One Day.

-Known as Kiss Me.
-I bet the meaning behind that is pretty obvious.

-Known as Kamilia.
-It’s the combination KARA+Familia.
-Known as Black Jacks.
-Black Jacks is also known as 2NE1.

-Known as ZE:A’s Style for the obvious reason.

-Known as A+.
-Due to the same blood types of each members.
-It also means their absolute quality.
-Known as Triple S.
-The first 2 S are taken from the band’s name, which stands for Super Stars.
-They added on another S which stands for supporters.
Pearl Light Green
-Brown Eyed Girls (BEG)
-Known as Everlasting.

-Known as 4NIA.
-Due to 4minute+Mania.

-Known as B2UTY for obvious reason.

-Big Bang
-Known as VIP (Very Important Persons).
Bandanna/ Doorags
-Teen Top
-Known as Andromedas.

-Known as Dalmates.

-Known as Mightymax.

-SM the Ballad
-Known as Balladears.

-Co-Ed School
-Known as Classmate.

-Wonder Girls
-Known as Wonderful.
Pearl Burgundy
-Known as Aff(x)tion.
-Pronounce as Affection (the unofficial fanclub).
Pearl Chocolate
-Miss A
-Known as Say A.

-After School
-Known as Play girlz.

-Known as Diadem.

-Known as Runaway.

-Known as Jewelry Box.

-Known as Prismatic.

-Known as White Angels.
-Baby VOX
-Known as Baby Angels.
Pearl Pink
-Nine Muses
-Known as Strutters.

-Known as Total Esclipse or Traxian.

  There are some of the groups that I didn't fill up their official colors and I'm very sorry for that.. T^T
Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it and know your kpop idol better... ^^

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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