Sunday, 17 April 2011

You're like a drug, you got me wanting more!!!!

  This is not a love story or what.. I just want to express my love towards the love of my heart, Lee Sungmin.. Right, he's a singer, an actor and a model.. ^^ i don't know why but he's too cute to resist!!! Once I heard him singing "Now and Forever", it was like a bullet, shooting my heart and liver continuously,, non-stop until.. I realise I'm falling for him... <3

  Now, i'll give you guys the link to the song that had made me unable to sleep for a few nights.. seriously,, his voice amaze me!! Let me just call, "An Angel's Voice"..... if you're not believe me, click the link and hear it by yourself and you'll get what I mean...

  Ohhh,,, how I wish I could shout his name from Mount Everest so that the whole world could hear me!!! ^^

#Lee Sungmin 이성민
#Born on 1st January 1986
#A type person (same with me) ^^
#7th older member in Super Junior

the cute and lovable this one like hell!!!
         Seriously,, I can't stop myself from smiling back at him when i see this one... He's adorable!!

Again and again and again,, I LOVE SUNGMIN... \(^0^)/ proud to love you..~ dangsin eul sarang!!
Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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