Thursday, 12 May 2011

He's one of a kind [part 1]

...For ELFs out there, I bet you do have your own bias in Super Junior... You do love them with all your heart, aren't you?? Your bias is your life, your bias is the air that you breathe, you bias is just everything for you.. Am I guessing the correct one?? ^^ I know, because we're on the same boat... I know how does it feel being totally in love with our bias.. The felling that you can't express in words...

  My bias in Super Junior is Lee Sungmin. May be an ordinary man for you but an extraordinary guy I've ever known (after my dad) LOL.. \(^0^)/ ... Can we really in love with someone by just only knew them through the screen of our laptops?? To me, yes!!!

  This is an honest thought from me about Sungmin.. For the first time I knew Super Junior, the day I started to be an ELF, I don't even look at Sungmin. I only focusing to the other members like Leeteuk, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Yesung and Kibum... Why?? Honestly, they're cute to me!.. Leeteuk has a very sweet smile, Heechul has a funny character that would make girls crazy over him, Eunhyuk enchanted me with his brilliant moves, Yesung has a heaven voice while Kibum is just too cute to resist!! Then, I decided to choose Heechul as my bias out of all the above.. May be because he has the different personality among the others and from that day, I became a Petal.

  Months after that, I started to realise something. There is one person that I don't even know much about him. It's Lee Sungmin.. The poor boy that I abandon. Realising the fact, I started to get to know him better. When I got myself into him, bit by bit I started to love him... I felt to his charm, his eyes-gave me the warmness that I'm looking for, the calmness of his true self.. Oh,, what else can I say,, I just love him.

  That day onward, I fall for him... I started to only focusing on him. I left Heechul (not really leaving him-still a Petal) and today, I'm a Ming... and frankly, I don't feel regret for loving him for my own reasons... ^^
Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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