Monday, 9 May 2011

The reason why uri leader Leeteuk named Super Junior's fans as ELF!!

“Because when we’re debuted in a concert with all other groups, we saw there were some sapphire blue colours, between all other colours of all other fandoms.. Day by day.. Those sapphire blue colours are getting big and so many..

Because we realize that those sapphire blue colours are the source of our spirit, our happiness and our strange..

As we know from the legend, ELF is a beautiful creature like fairy. They are beautiful and always give happiness like they spell it..

Because I realize those creatures  that we see now, that always make a sapphire blue ocean that is the most beautiful thing, are like ELF on the legend.. They’re also beautiful, always give happiness to us, always protect us.. So I named them, ELF..

Now, those creatures are so many and make so big sapphire blue oceans which is so beautiful, the most beautiful thing.. Even though  we don’t know all of them, but we know they’re always there whenever we go and I love them all..

Those creatures are E.L.F, our EverLasting Friends..”

  Leeteuk oppa!!! The greatest leader in the entire world.... Angel without wings!! Thank you for being apart of Super Junior, thank you for giving us your love, thank you for taking care the other members.. Thank you for everything... I don't need anyone to tell me when to stop loving you.. They're not me, they just can't see you through my eyes.. (✿◠‿◠)

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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