Friday, 20 May 2011

He's one of a kind [part 2]

Sungmin may not be the most recognisable member of Super Junior for the first time you know this adorable, talented, charming group.. but once you let yourself dig further into him, bit by bit,, you’ll fall to his charms…

:: A humble and down to earth person.
-He has long list of talents but yet he’s seems invisible and never blows his own trumpet about that.
-This boy knows how to sing, dance, acting, martial arts, playing guitar, piano and even knows how to do magic tricks.

:: Protective.
-He may seems soft at the outside but in the inside, he is a protective one.
-This was admitted by the other SJ members.

:: Calm.
-Have you ever realise whenever Super Junior faces with any triumphs or failures, he is the one who stay calm?
-We never see him crying as if he cries, who will comfort the other members?
-For him, he must stay calm and stand still because he knows, he is the one who responsible to ensure all the members have someone beside them.

:: Has the strongest personality.
-He is known as “The King of Cuteness”.
-We might think that someone who looks cute at the outside will have a week personality in the inside and vise versa.
-Unlike Sungmin, he has the strongest personality out of all.
-When the others are sad, he comfort and give them his sweet warm smile, but when he is sad and feels like crying, he’ll hide the sadness with the smile or just cry by himself.

:: Kind-hearted.
-He’s like an angel who came to earth to spread his love to all ELFs and Mings.
-“Sungmin hyung has a very pure personality so he is easy to be cheated and believe people easily” _Eunhyuk_

:: The real man.
-You may feel weird and awkward when a man really loves pink so much.
-That’s Sungmin,, he really loves pink and pink is his favourite colour.
-Most of his belongings are pink.
-But do you know that a real man wears pink???

:: Beautiful smile.
-Everyone can smile and everyone can give their smiles but not everyone can give a beautiful smile as Sungmin’s.
-The warmness of his smile can give you some kind of strength, hope and love whenever you feel down or lonely.
-That is what a beautiful smile really is.

:: Heaven voice.
-If you feel you want to experience the “earth heaven”, he is the one you should paid attention to.
-His voice makes you feel you’re in the other place, a beautiful one with someone who you really love.
-Hear him singing, you’ll get what I mean.

:: Charming look.
-Aside being cute, I realise that he really has a charming look-a look likes a prince.
-Yes, he’s every girls’ prince charming.

:: Quiet.
-Someone who has no sense of humour is boring. (yes, I admit that)
-Sungmin is a quiet little boy but that doesn’t mean that he is a boring type person, he is just less talking.
-“It’s not that I don’t have any stories to tell, I just don’t want to hurt other feelings” _Sungmin_

:: Never take advantages from his popularity.
-There was once some of his fans gave him a laptop and other expensive gifts.
-He refused to take those instead gave them back.
-He told them not to give him such gifts and thought that they should use the money for their own selves.
-He doesn’t want to receive those expensive gifts and branded things from his fans, all he wants is his fans’ fullest support and LOVE. (isn’t that sweet???) ^^

----He may not be perfect, but I LOVE HIM for who he is.. I love his humbleness as an ordinary man, but as for me, he’s extraordinary----

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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