Friday, 24 June 2011

He's my fairy tale

   There’s one boy, taking the same course as mine (Diploma in Office Management in UiTM). Let him be Mr. X. I like him, I like the way he walks, I love the way he smile, I love the way he look at me… he’s not a senior and that’s for sure…

   He’s such a hilarious guy, always making the whole class burst into laughter!!! :) He always be the centre of attention of our lecturers as he’s a talkative one! ^^

  How can I describe his physical appearance… Frankly speaking, he’s not a handsome young man, he’s not as good looking as a Korean actor or cute like Sungmin… To me, he’s just an ordinary person, an adorable one… ^^ He’s not too thin or too fat. Just at the right size. Through his eyes, I can see his honesty, shyness and calmness he has. Through his smile, I can see how wonderful it will be if the smile can stay permanent there!! He’d made my life goes upside down…
   This may sounds stupid but honestly, I kinda envy whenever he approaches our classmates especially when it comes to girls.. Stupid isn’t it??? As for me, I think that mostly the girls in the class are damn beautiful!!!! And how about me? I’m just an ordinary one! I don’t have what they have-beauty.
   I know he don’t like me at all, what matter to me is that I can always stare at him and silently love him. Doesn’t matter if I look like a fool for loving a person who doesn't even notice me as his classmate.. My heart only leads to him...

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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