Sunday, 27 November 2011

A day out with besties (Gang Tudung Hitam- The Black Tudung Gang)

It was on November 25th when we went for an eye sight in Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak. Seriously, it was fun.. Extremely fun and we did enjoy ourselves... :)

And of course, because living our dorm, click click!! Some pictures need to be taken first.. hehehhe.... :) deeee~~ it's a must.. doesn't it??

We went to many shops selling clothes, shoes, souvenirs, etc..
When it came to lunch time, we went to Mc. D, enjoying our burgers... yummm yummm... it's Mc. D!! ^^

We surely burst out our stomach!.. >_____< Only by then, we went to take some pictures together to frame the memories..

from left: Ayu, Qaera, me and Syidah. The one who was taking the picture was Syue.

It's Kuching!! The beautiful Kuching... <3 :)

It's Syue- the left one...

Yes, it's us... ^_____^

It's me with meow meow, the landmark of Kuching.. Beautiful Malaysia...

After all the fun we had, we were heading to Bako, the place where Qaera lived. It was awesome to see the river ran free...

Me in Bako..

Maybe you guys wonder what's up with The Black Tudung Gang?? Well,, hahha... actually, we don't give that name by ourselves.. It was one of our coursemates gave such name.. Reason?? Obviously the five of us love to wear black tudung all the time.. We don't even realise that until someone told us so.. ^^

Friends, they are meant to be treasured...

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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