Saturday, 17 December 2011

The tears of joy that I hide inside of me

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Only by then, you can read this entry and understand what I'm trying to delivered.

It was raining heavily that day and it was past few days after Phil's birthday. I told her to meet me in front of her dorm. Although it was raining cats and dogs, I don't even care even a bit. All I was thinking at that time was, I just wanted to give her the presents that she deserved.

I made her origami stars and put them in a bottle to show her that she's the star in my life which brighten up my sky..

I also gave her the things that she's been wanting all this while- Girls' Generation's DVD "Into the New World" and last but not least, Super Junior Donghae ring. I have it too.. but mine is Heechul.

  The reason I'm writing this is not to brag all the things that I gave her but to tell you how my gifts had made me shed the tears of joy.
  Phil-the one that I valued the most. She's the one who captured me with the tender love of hers. Someone who you should meet as I can't describe how wonderful she is in words. Once you know her, you'll understand how does it feel.

  Back to the story, as I gave her the gifts, she was totally surprised. She was speechless and cried along with the sound of the heavy rain.. I tried to calmed her by telling her, "I did this coz you're my precious one, the one that I loved the most".. She hug me tenderly and I could feel the warmness of her love until today. I didn't cry in front of her but on my way back to my own dorm, I walked away, leaving her and cried by myself.. What I do still remember is the way she smiled when she received my gifts. Her smile had given me thousands of reasons why I should be with her whenever she needs me..

  That night, she sent me a message telling me she was thankful to have me as a friend. She told me, those presents are nothing compared to our friendship, she loved me and so do I. What else can I say? I told her that she won't be alone as I will always by her side, comforting her as if she needs me.. She told me that she was crying while reading my letter which was also included along with the gifts.. The letter-nothing special.. just a few words of love.. The poem I wrote for her, that was SOMETHING. It reflects who she is to me..

Maybe I'm just an ordinary one in your eyes
The one who is commonly known as friend
The one who you consider as pal

Or maybe I'm only a person who you always smile to
The person who you comfy to laugh with
The person who you captivate the sense of friendship

But it is different with me,
As for me,
You are the one who I'm not consider as friend but sister
You are the person, the reason I can't put off my smiles
The only small, little tiny Phil that I know

It doesn't matter the way you think of me
But do bear this for your entire life
That when you have obstacles coming in your way
I won't be around you to comfort you
But I'll be in front of you to remove the obstacles
So that you can walk your life with no worries

Whenever you're in pain, I'll be your doctor
Whenever you're crying, I'll be your handkerchief
And whenever you're bleeding, I'll be your plaster
I did these because I am meant to be your friend
Now and always...

   Yes it's true my dear one... I am meant to be your buddy and I have no regret for it coz it is my choice..

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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