Saturday, 12 November 2011

A love story

In a place I did dwell
I met a guy I loved so well
He came and took my heart from me
But now he's gone and set me free
  He sat a girl upon his knee
  And told her things he never told me
  Now I know why
  She was prettier than I
I ran home and cried upon my bed
Not a word my mother said
My dad came home late that night
They searched for me left and right
  He went upstairs and my door he broke
  And found me hanging from a rope
  He took a knife and cut me down
  And in my pocket a note they found

"Dig a grave, did it deep,
 Marble stones, from head to feet
 And at the top, place a dove,
 To show the world, I died for love..."

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^


  1. A really nice poem. Reminds me of a quote:

    How could an Angel break my heart? I wish I didn't wish so hard. Maybe I wished our love apart.
    ~ Toni Braxton.


    1. True.. It really is nice. :) Thanks.. Wish I could write something like that.


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