Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Life Stages after Graduation

You read the title. I've graduated from University. :)
It has been 3 months, and being a fresh graduate is somehow...... ermmmmm...

Stage 1: The Excited Stage

You feel damn excited because you can finally free from school, assignment and all the bullshits you faced before. 
Tell you what, that feeling is damn AMAZING, AWESOME and fucking GREAT!

Stage 2: The Boring Stage

After 2 months, you get bored because you have nothing to do. No one to tease with, no one to laugh with and no money to spend to.
All this while, your life has been burdened with ridiculous assignments and tasks and then you'll start realizing that those are what colorize your life.

Stage 3: The Missing My Friends Stage

You'll start to miss your friends but you can't do anything about it because some are busy with their part time jobs, some are living far away from your hometown and at the end, you end up being ALONE.

These are 3 major feelings I feel now. It would be great if I'm still in school and create more memories with all my friends.

Thanks for reading :) Next entry maybe? ^^

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